What if you could instantly revisit relevant information without having to do anything new?


Remembers everything you read so you don't have to keep all your tabs open.


Automatically shows you relevant content when it's most useful.

No change to behaviour

Work the way you always have, but feeling more productive and efficient.


Automatically save & organise your online resources for easy access anytime.

Revisit automatically collects content from the websites you visit and organises it into a knowledge base.


Instantly revisit relevant content in context, when it's useful.

The revisit plugin enhances your search results by resurfacing relevant results collected from your past research and displays them in an overlay for you while you are searching - for quick and easy access to useful information.


Easily share your research with friends, family, classmates and your team.

Revisit is the perfect tool for sharing online resources and for teams collaborating on research projects.

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